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DHT3 SeriesDOCSIS 3.0 HMS Transponder

DHT3 series is the next generation of DOCSIS-HMS transponders and is the first DOCSIS 3.0 Transponder. A Spectrum Analyzer is built in to each transponder and therefore each power supply location becomes an [always on] test point for not only power supplies

but also for the downstream broadband HFC network.

DHT3 series have an integrated web server that provide up to the minute display of all power supply metrics and states. Also available in a modem-only configuration (DRM3).

DHT3 series uses field-proven DOCSIS® and EuroDOCSIS® integrated circuits and is built with components rated for extreme temperatures. It sets the industry standard for quality and performance.


  • Designed for MD and MD-300 series outdoor UPS
  • It's more than just a transponder –it's a Spectrum Analyzer
  • DOCSIS® 3.0 / EuroDOCSIS® 3.0 compliant
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Standby power metrics and alarming
  • Integrated web server for status viewing
  • Embedded or external applications
  • SCTE - HMS compliant
  • RS485 for local diagnose
  • FCC / IEEE / RoHS Directive compliant

Nominal Specifications

Upstream (Transmitter)
ComplianceDOCSIS® 3.0EuroDOCSIS® 3.0
Frequency Band5 to 42MHz5 to 85MHz5 to 65MHz5 to 85MHz
Level Range (S-CDMA)All modulations: +17(≤1280KHz) / +20(2560KHz) / +23(5120KHz) to +56dBmV
Level Range (TDMA)32QAM & 64QAM: +17(≤1280KHz) / +20(2560KHz) / +23(5120KHz) ~ +57dBmV; 8QAM & 16QAM: +17(≤1280KHz) / +20(2560KHz) / +23(5120KHz) ~ +58dBmV; QPSK: +17(≤1280KHz) / +20(2560KHz) / +23(5120KHz) ~ +61dBmV
Modulation TypeQPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM and 128QAM
Modulation Rate (nominal)TDMA & S-CDMA: 1280, 2560, 5120KHz; Pre-DOCSIS3 Opeartion: TDMA: 160, 320, 640KHz
BandwidthTDMA & S-CDMA: 1600, 3200, 6400KHz; Pre-DOCSIS3 Opeartion: TDMA: 200, 400, 800KHz
Output Impedance75Ω
Output Return Loss≥6dB
Downstream (Receiver)
Frequency Range54 to 1002MHz108 to 1002MHz85 to 1006MHz108 to 1006MHz
Level Range (one channel)-15dBmV to +15dBmV64QAM: -17dBmV to +13dBmV; 256QAM: -13dBmV to +17dBmV
Modulation Type64QAM, 256QAM
Symbol rate (Nominal)5.0569Msym/s (64QAM); 5.361Msym/s (256QAM)6.952Msym/s (64QAM & 256QAM)
Total Input Power33dBmV
Input (load) Impedance75Ω
Input Return Loss≥6dB
UPS SupportedMD & MD-300 Series
Network InterfaceF type, RJ-45
Serial InterfaceHMS022 (TTL)
LED DisplayMonitor, Power, Cable, OK
Network Communications
Status Monitored
Input ParametersInput voltage & frequency
Output ParametersOutput voltage, current & power
BatteryIndividual battery voltage & total voltage of string, string current, battery temp.
UPS StatusInverter Temp., Tamper Switch, Upstream & Downstream Channels, Transmitter & Receiver Power etc..
Operating Voltage20 to 60VDC
Power Consumption0.13W (sleep mode) to 7.8W (max.)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +70°C (-40 to +158ºF)
Humidity0 to 90% non-condensing
  1. More voltage configurations may be available. Please download the datasheet or contact us directly for more details.
  2. Due to continuing improvements, the product is subject to change without prior notice.


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