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how to choose Outplant Power Solutions,what is Standby / Non-standby Power Supplies,advantages of Ba

Cable / Broadband Power

  • how to choose Outplant Power Solutions
  • what is Standby / Non-standby Power Supplies
  • advantages of Backup Power System for Cable / Broadband
  • Ferro-resonant Technologies's advantages and disadvantages
how to choose Indoor / outdoor backup power,what is Online / Offline UPS,advantages of Single / Thre

Backup Power System

  • how to choose Indoor / outdoor backup power
  • what is Online / Offline UPS
  • advantages of Single / Three Phase Solutions
  • Ferro UPS for cable and broadband's advantages and disadvantages
how to choose Dual-line / Multi-line Power Switch,what is Smart Power Switch,advantages of HMS/DOCSI

Status Monitoring

  • how to choose Dual-line / Multi-line Power Switch
  • what is Smart Power Switch
  • advantages of HMS/DOCSIS/EuroDocSIS Transponder
  • UPS Status Monitoring (SMNP Adapter)'s advantages and disadvantages
how to choose Pole/Wall Mounting Outdoor Enclosures,what is Ground Mounting Enclosures,advantages of

Outdoor Enclosure

  • how to choose Pole/Wall Mounting Outdoor Enclosures
  • what is Ground Mounting Enclosures
  • advantages of Stainless Cabinets (201/304/316)
  • Compound Plastic Outdoor Cabinets's advantages and disadvantages
how to choose Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS),what is Plug-in / Switchable DC Power,advantages of

SMPS / DC Power

  • how to choose Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • what is Plug-in / Switchable DC Power
  • advantages of Inverter Modules
  • Solar Power Solutions's advantages and disadvantages
how to choose Ferro-resonant Transformer,what is Toroidal Transformer,advantages of EI Type Transfor


  • how to choose Ferro-resonant Transformer
  • what is Toroidal Transformer
  • advantages of EI Type Transformer
  • Power/Audio/Isolation Transformer's advantages and disadvantages

New Products

how does ferro resonant power supply works, what is cable broadband power, stabilized output voltage

FYGD-CNon-standby Power Supply

Industry proved solution. Ferro-resonan transformer provides fully regulated and clean AC power.

what is cable UPS and broadband UPS, difference between ferro UPS and outdoor UPS

MDStandby Power Supply (Outdoor)

A ferro UPS so-designed for cable and broadband systems features line-interactive ferro technology

power supply with composite plastic housing, ferro power supply works in stable, cvt design

FYGD-CSNon-standby Power Supply

The enclosure is built from compound plastic reinforced with fiber glass, excellent insulation

how outdoor ups works, trying to find 300W ups, linear ups works normally

MD-300300W Outdoor UPS

New outdoor UPS in a smaller size and more compact design

outdoor power, aluminum alloy enclosure, strand mount installation

FYGD-CFNon-standby Power Supply

Durable powder coated enclosure, built of aluminum alloy, provides excellent ingress protection

POWER OVER ETHERNET, cable modem, POE, catv

GD-CPTNon-standby Power Supply

Ferro-resonan transformer + PoE + Cable Modem

News Room

About us

Since 1980's, Fangyuan Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of AC and DC power conversion and protection products, including but not limited to, transformers, power supplies and equipments enhancing performance and applications of these products, i.e. outdoor enclosures and power supply management devices.

As a professional manufacturer, Fangyuan is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective power solutions for cable and broadband systems. Products include standby power supply (SPS), non-standby power supply (NPS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), switching mode power supply (SMPS) and outdoor enclosures. Proved by the market share hold, Fangyuan is the largest manufacturer of cable TV power supplies in mainland China. Benefiting from decades experiences in production and quality management, effective and also efficient services, power supplies made by Fangyuan are installed in more than 30 countries and districts in five continents around the world.

Transformer is one of Fangyuan's featured products since initial establishment. Dry-type transformers, such as ferro-resonant transformer, toroidal transformer, EI type linear transformer and R Type transformer are all members of Fangyuan's big transformer family, and oil-filled transformer for various applications as well. Transformers made by Fangyuan now are widely used in power, energy, environment protection, food processing, air processing and telecommunications.

Much more challenges are ahead of the way. Fangyuan will continue living on innovation and technology, focusing on customers' demand, dedicating all its energy and creativity to the industry and trying to deliver more reliable and more cost-effective products.

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