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PME SeriesPole Mount Outdoor Enclosure


  • Designed for cable/broadband outdoor powering applications
  • Flexible design and configurations, customized configurations available
  • Built-of durable powder coated aluminum
  • Security lock as standard feature
  • Optional battery slide tray (with heavy-duty slide)
  • Pole and wall mounting installations

Nominal Specifications

Battery Tray Capacity3 batteries4 batteries6 batteries8 batteries
Battery Slide TrayOptional
Multi-purpose ShelfN/AYesN/AN/AN/A
FinishPowder coating
Dimensions628x621x415mm / 24.7"x24.4"x16.3"628x724x510mm / 24.4"x28.5"x20.1"772x621x415mm / 30.4"x24.8"x16.3"628x934x415mm / 24.7"x36.8"x16.3"772x934x415mm / 30.4"x36.8"x16.3"
Weight18kgs / 39.7lbs22kgs / 48.5lbs26kgs / 57.3lbs33kgs / 72.8lbs56kgs / 123.5lbs
  1. PME is formerly called PWM.
  2. Battery tray capacity is calculated based on dimensions of 100AH VRLA SMF batteries.
  3. Enclosure with multi-purpose shelf features three-story structure with a 2U height space between power supply shelf and battery tray.
  4. Weight of batteries is not included.



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